Chocolates from heaven

Organic chocolate, created with respect for nature and respect for cocoa farmers.


for people, land and the environment, through the BIO certification of all of our products.


Chocolates for all tastes, ranging from milk chocolate to 85% dark chocolate, we even include white chocolate in our selection.


Only organic, carefully selected ingredients get to be in our chocolate.


combinations, with extra ingredients ranging from oranges to salted caramel.


Deeply rooted in historic cocoa lands, in Peru & The Dominican Republic.


Because cocoa farmers in the Southern Hemisphere should earn a fair price for their hard work.

Chocolates from heaven

Taste a piece of heaven

Have you ever felt like you were in seventh heaven after a piece of chocolate?

Chocolates from Heaven reveals the passion the founders have for chocolate in a fairtrade, BIO certified fashion!

By paying a fair price for cocoa, sugar and valuable ingredients, you and we lend a hand to farmers in the Southern Hemisphere.
You won’t find any junk in our chocolate: only carefully selected organic ingredients are used to create our heavenly chocolate.