A company known at a worldwide level for its sweets, founded in 1933.


in producing a wide range of sweets and chocolate specialties.


Making the sweets from the Sicily region world renown.


Only the best ingredients are selected for production.


in applying the same quality standards for each and every product.


for exceptional craft sweets, unique and traditional.


The area from which only the best ingredients are chosen for production.


The real torroncini

Although Condorelli made its debut in 1933 as a company known for the coated nougat sweet, it has widened its product range and is now associated with the already famous torroncini.

Besides torroncini, Condorelli has included in its product range fine pastries that are made from traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation and which are a statement for their craft products.

Another important aspect for the Condorelli product range is the specialties category. This includes products such as honey, marmalade, jam, marzipan, gelées and almond milk.