Germinal BIO

Organic and flavorful products. This is what Germinal BIO believes to be nourishment for your health.


Germinal BIO desires to nourish consumers’ health with organic and tasty products.


than 7.300 tons of products leave the Germinal BIO factory every year.

More than 40

years of experience that ensure product quality.


rice, goji, green tea are just a few of the special ingredients used by Germinal BIO


time of the day is just right for the tasty and natural Germinal BIO products.


recyclable product packaging for a sustainable business.

Germinal BIO

Nourish your health

A “young” company, founded at the end of the 70s under the name Germinal Italia. Shortly after, in 1981, “Il Mangiarsano” makes its appearance in Castelfranco Veneto, with a simple mission, just as the name suggests, but with a great impact: healthy eating.

The two companies had a significant background in Italy’s organic sector and this can be easily identified in their products due to the fact that they incite all senses. Smelling, drinking and eating organic products, which offer a wide range of choices for snacks or meals, we grow closer to our origins.

Today, after more than 40 years since it was founded, Germinal BIO stays on the track of innovation. The quality of the ingredients, the natural production process, the experience in creating truly organic products and the care towards the environment form mechanism that helps them work towards their ideal: nourishing our health… with taste!