Rizolli Emanuelli

Quality offered by the oldest Italian company in their sector.


towards consumers and the environment through selective fishing.

Wide range

of fish products and fish-based recipes.


carefully selected for the most savory of recipes, 100% natural.


of taste and freshness, with a true passion for quality.


Certain steps in the production process are still handmade, out of respect for tradition.


combined with tradition working together towards continuous evolution.

Rizzoli Emanuelli

Life is full of flavour

The road towards a savory life began in the year 1906 at one of the companies that today is one of the oldest of its sector. Rizzoli is a brand built on strong values that have been passed down for 5 generations.

The secret of the unique taste of their products lies in the sauce, which is matured in wooden barrels that previously contained Marsala wine, hand-prepared with the freshest of ingredients.

Reputation before profit, quality of the product above anything else has been the motto of the company from the beginning and this translates into Rizzoli’s care towards the environment and the consumers.