Spray Leggero

The perfect union between natural well-being and lightness.


in order to keep all of the authentic qualities of the sprayed oil intact.

100% organic

certified products in the SprayLeggero range.

15 calories

or less. This is the quantity per each spray.


in your nutrition by decreasing the quantity of oil used in your food.


for every taste, ranging from white or black truffles to garlic or lemon.


taste without having to compromise your health and diet.

Spray Leggero

The taste of healthy eating

Although founded recently, in 2012, SprayLeggero combines the age-old italian art for the production of olive oil and the revolutionary technology for preserving and using it.

Part of the Mantova consortium, SprayLeggero is the direct result of passion for innovation and the dream of a healthy life, without any compromises when it comes to flavor. Thus, their product is a versatile one which offers a new take on healthy eating.

The possibilities for the nature of the oils are endless, the flavors vary from conventional to novel and one thing is certain: your dishes will be healthier than ever before. All you need to do is to let your imagination guide you in the kitchen.