Terra Felice

Mediterranean diet products, obtained sustainably and responsibly.


All of the ingredients are organically obtained and processed.


The entire line of products is a diverse showcasing of what the Mediterranean diet has to offer.


packaging and logistics are carefully thought through to have minimal eco imprint.


Terra Felice’s products are constantly being innovated as a natural response to an evolving market.


traceability of each and every one of Terra Felice’s products.


meaningful connections between the organic producers and the urban consumers.

Terra Felice

Sustainable. Responsible. Mediterranean.

Terra Felice’s mission is to bridge the gaps between farmers and urban consumers, so that food that is being harvested, grown and produced locally becomes available to the urban market, hassle-free.

Terra Felice is open to people that are willing to commit to the same set of core values and goals: pursuing the good, clean and fair in the ecosystem around its entire line of products.