Tre Marie

A strong bond between traditional and modern pastry & confectionery.


Tre Marie is associated with more than 120 years of Milanese values.


market positioning due to their adhesion to the Milan Good, the foundation of taste and tradition.


and loyal towards their roots, a fundamental characteristic of the Tre Marie brand.


the year in which the Tre Marie cooperative perfects the panettone recipe.


designed and decorated in a way that reminds us of Milan’s monuments.


truly authentic, designed for loved ones, regardless of the occasion.

Tre Marie

The icons of taste

The Tre Marie story begins at the end of the 19th century, in the year 1896, with a pastry shop which would become known for its irreproachable product quality and elegance.

The most popular Tre Marie product was destined to become a must in today’s time: the panettone. The recipe for this delicious product was passed down from generation to generation and has transformed it into an item for any holiday.

Nowadays, with a range that exceeds 70 products, the company’s focus continues to be variety, of taste and textures, so that each and every one of us would be able to find a dessert that caters to our taste.