Alce Nero

Organic farmers since 1978, Alce Nero is a symbol for organic agriculture in Italy.


towards humanity, the land and the environment, matter proven by their BIO-certified products.

Wide range

of products such as pasta, tomato sauces, crackers, rice, jam and olive oil.


100% internal, the whole production process is controlled.

The sun

in Italy gives birth to the Alce Nero products, 100% italian.


of BIO-farmers which work together towards a sustainable agriculture.


than 1500 acres of land already transformed into organic agriculture.

Alce Nero

Organic farmers since 1978

Alce Nero came into being in the ’70s when 2 groups of young farmers and beekeepers decided that it was time for a change, one that would lead to global changes which had to be more than a means to an end.

Thus, a story of responsibility and innovation started, story which wouldn’t be a single one. Instead, it turned out to be a bridge between several similar stories, each with it’s own identity. Eventually, these stories became a single voice.

Today, this voice is a very strong one, undertaking an adventure towards working the land in a natural manner and the fuel for this mission is the respect towards consumers, products, food, healthy nutrition and, last but not least, love towards nature.