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Baci Perugina

Sparks your emotions.


your emotions and finest moments with your loved ones.


array of chocolate products.

An italian

true story that started in 1922.

UTZ certification

because we care about the environment and the workers that help us every day.


that only comes from renewable sources.


8 ingredients for the perfect chocolate pralines.

Baci Perugina

Sparks your emotions.

Luisa Spagnoli, kneads the hazelnut grains, adding a whole hazelnut and covering it with the unmistakable Luisa dark chocolate. She calls it a “Cazzotto”, as the shape resembles a “punch / fist”.

The result was a mini masterpiece with a rich flavor and a knuckle-like shape, which is why it was originally given the name Cazzotto, meaning ‘Punch’. Only later was it given the name Bacio®.
Luisa’s recipe, with its simplicity, achieved the perfect balance between flavor and consistency.

To this day, everything in Baci® Perugina® is unique: the gianduia filling, the exclusive Baci® Perugina® recipe, the Luisa® dark chocolate coating made using an inimitable technique that is closely guarded. In the same way the shape, perfectly imperfect, remains true to Luisa Spagnoli’s artisan tradition.