Pioneers in natural and organic confectionery in Italy since the 60s.


deriving form the desire to cater to the ever so diverse consumer tastes.


towards the consumer and maintaining an irreproachable level of quality.


which can only be achieved through the best ingredients and means of production.


which can address multiple consumer needs.


for creating quality products, unchanged over the years.


on a global level for the whole Galbusera product range


Good for everyone

A pastry-shop in the town of Morbegno from the Valtellina region is the place of origin for the Galbusera dream: going beyond the walls of the shop in order to bring their crackers in homes from all over the world.

Galbusera’s brand philosophy is simple, but deeply rooted in the conscience of the team: although people are the same, there are also a lot of differences between them, especially when it comes to taste and eating.

Following these principles, Galbusera has created a wide range of products so that each and every one of us would able to have multiple alternatives for our day to day needs.