The promise of quality fish-based and seafood products.

The heart

of the Mediterranean, in Greece, the place in which Trata creates its unique taste.


preservatives used in the recipes: water, oil or brine. No additives or harmful preservatives.


and variety. Two of the most important brand values for Trata.


on sustainable fishing and responsibility towards the environment and the fishing areas.


carefully preserved in the Trata product tins.


delicious and healthy, a must in every diet.


Always fresh and delicious

Originating from Greece, Trata is made up of people born and raised in the heart of the Mediterranean, people with a great love for the sea and passion for fish-based and seafood products.

Taste and quality are the central focus of Trata and this explains their care towards consumers and the fact that, with every tin, we are able to enjoy the same rich taste of the fish, just as when it was freshly caught.

The core principle for Trata’s business is a simple one: nutritional balance obtained naturally, effortlessly and without compromising taste. The results of the philosophy are a healthy life and a positive outlook on life.