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The passion for chocolate of master chocolate-makers.


only buys UTZ certified cocoa, contributing to sustainable cultivation.


in more than 70 countries worldwide, with products ranging from candy to biscuits.


ingredients are complimented by true Italian imagination and flair.


than 36.000 tons annual production capacity.


their passion for chocolate has always been the mission at Witor’s.


is the year in which roberto Bonetti founded the Witor’s company.


The joy of chocolate

What is today known as a traditional chocolate company has its origins in the year 1959, when a small laboratory was opened in the town of Cremona. The first stepping stone towards success was “Boero” – a dark chocolate candy with liqueur and cherries.

As the years passed, the passion for chocolate encouraged Witor’s to experiment with different types of chocolate, besides the dark one: milk, white and Gianduia.

Today, the company stays true to its passion for chocolate and taste, while displaying deep care towards consumers. These are the reasons that lead Witor’s to increase their distribution network to more than 70 countries and their production capacity to more than 36.000 tons per year.